City Administration

Mission Statement

Legislative and Executive contains the City Council and City Manager functions. Through these functions the Council and City Manager seek to provide responsive and responsible governance by developing, adopting and implementing public policy consistent with community needs, and in accordance with Federal and State requirements.

Services Provided

City Council Support

This includes time spent attending meetings, preparing and reviewing items for the Council packet, and responding to Council inquires.

Policy Development and Implementation

This includes communicating with departments to help develop policy alternatives for Council consideration, and coordinating implementation of policy directives from the Council.

Public Information

This includes time spent responding to and initiating communication with public groups, and individuals to educate, and inform the public about City policy or to solicit public input. This also includes time spent working to facilitate conflict resolution between groups in the community.  

Department Oversight

This includes working with various department heads to assist with department issues, or on issues crossing departmental lines. This includes reviewing and administering budgets and internal policies, procedures and practices to ensure the City is operating as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Intergovernmental Relations

This includes time spent with other local governments, as well as State and Federal agencies and legislators to advocate for the interests of Glenwood Springs. This includes efforts to form partnerships to resolve local and regional issues.


This includes time spent at meetings and in the community listening to citizens, developing policy and adopting City policy.