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The city of Glenwood Springs has partnered with MUNIRevs to provide an online business licensing and tax collection system. This system allows businesses to access their accounts and submit tax returns and payments online.

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Sales Tax Rates

     Updated January 2023                                                                                                               

Sales Tax Rates in the City of Glenwood Springs

General Retail Purchases:

     State of Colorado*2.90%

     Garfield County*1.00%

     RTA (Rural Transit Authority)*1.00%

     City of Glenwood Springs**3.70%



     Above taxes plus City

          Accommodations Tax
    Total Tax rate with Accommodations Tax

    * These taxes are sent to the State of Colorado
   ** Includes all food sales 

        Glenwood Springs Sales/Accommodations tax goes directly to the City


Questions about filing a sales tax return or applying for a license?
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