Historic Preservation Commission

Please refer to the Commission calendar as locations and dates may change.  Meetings will be held in person.

Regular Meetings

  • 1st Monday of each month
  • 5:15 PM
  • City Hall
    101 West 8th Street
    City Council Chambers
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


  • Grant Stevens
    Appointed: Alternate (to fill) 05/2021, 02/2022
    Term Expires: 04/2025
  • Katherine Proctor
    Appointed:  05/2022  
    Term Expires: 04/2025
  • Melissa Jones
    Appointed: 06/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 04/2024
  • Carolyn Cipperly
    Appointed: 10/2020
    Term Expires: 04/2023
  • Deborah Williams
    Appointed:  02/2017, 04/2020
    Term Expires: 04/2023
  • James Larson
    Appointed:  03/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 04/2023
  • Marianne Ackerman
    Appointed:  03/2022 (to fill)
    Term Expires: 04/2023

Council Liaison

  • Tony Hershey

Composition of the Historic Preservation Commission

  • Seven (7) citizens, at least six (6) who are residents of the City and one (1) who may reside outside of the City but within the 81601 zip code area or own real property or a business with in the City.

Powers and Duties of the Historic Preservation Commission            

(as defined in Title 020 of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code);
(I) Powers and Duties of Historic Preservation Commission.

The powers and duties of the Historic Preservation Commission shall be:

  1. To recommend to City Council methods for the protection and preservation of the City's historic and cultural heritage, including, but not limited to, the designation of historic landmarks and districts by appropriate regulations.
  2. To recommend to City Council methods for enhancing property values and the stabilization of historic neighborhoods.
  3. To recommend to City Council methods for increasing economic and financial benefits, including, but not limited to, City attractions.
  4. To provide educational opportunities to increase public appreciation of the City's unique heritage.
  5. To do any other tasks related to the historic preservation of resources in the community of Glenwood Springs.