Planning & Zoning Commission


  • Planning and Zoning Commission Agendas

Regular Meetings - Held Virtually Via Zoom Until Further Notice

  • Fourth Tuesday of the month
  • City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month
  • 6 PM
  • City Hall
    101 West 8th Street
    City Council Chambers
    Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


Marco Dehm
Appointed: 11/2010, 02/2011, 02/2014, 02/2017, 02/2020
Term Expires: 02/2023

George Shaver
Appointed Alternate: 1/2017 to fill
Appointed: 5/2019 to fill
Term Expires: 02/2021

Carolyn Cipperly
Appointed: 02/2020
Term Expires: 02/2023

Kathryn Grosscup
Appointed: 02/2015; 02/2018
Term Expires: 02/2021

Sumner Schachter
Appointed: 11/2013, 02/2016, 02/2019
Term Expires: 02/2022

Amber E Wissing
Appointed:   Alternate 06/2017 to fill, 02/2019 to fill
Term Expires: 02/2021

Ingrid Wussow
Appointed: 07/2015, 02/2016, 02/2019
Term Expires: 02/2022

Ben West, Alternate 
Appointed: 02/2020 to fill
Term Expires: 02/2022
Vacant, Alternate 
Term Expires: 02/2022


      Additional Information

      If you have questions or comments about a specific item that is or will be on the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda, please contact Community Development Department staff at 970-384-6411. Do not contact individual Commissioners as this is considered ex parte communication.  Community Development Department staff can provide you options to make sure that your comments are heard by all parties involved in a legal matter.

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