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In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), the City of Glenwood Springs shall make all public records open for inspection by any person at reasonable times, except as otherwise specifically provided by law

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Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) Requests Log. For more information contact

This table includes Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests received by the City of Glenwood Springs as of June 2023. Table includes request descriptions, requesting organization/name, and date completed. For more information please email
Request Name/Organization Date Complete
All building permit records for 1016 Palmer Avenue, Glenwood Springs, since the home was built (in 1954) to present. Geoffrey Bailey February 22, 2024
All email, electronic communication and digital documents from senior staff and City Council members following the submission of Keep Glenwood Glenwood's completed petition to the city of Glenwood on Jan. 2 using the key words "ballot language" "special election" and "petition." Andrea Teres-Martinez/Post Independent  February 12, 2024
1.) Legal Fees and costs Paid to Kathy Goudy , Esq. in Hershey V. City of GWS 23CV30160 2.) 2. Legal Fees paid to Karp, Neu, Hanlon, P.C. in Hershey v. City Of GWS 23CV30160 3. Legal Costs/Contract with Karp, Neu Hanlon 2023 including costs and fees 4. Legal Costs/Contract with Karp, Neu Hanlon 2024 (to date) including costs and fees. Anthony Hershey February 8, 2024
SGM Response to 700 block RFP. Boundaries Unlimited Response to 700 Block RFP. Richard Gouding  February 5, 2024
An electronic report of any and all employees for the year of 2022/2023 (22/23 fiscal or calendar year) containing employee's full name and gross annual income. Ana Ghislandi  January 30, 2024
I am working on behalf of Xcel Energy Inc to obtain a copy of the certificate of liability insurance for contractor David Rippy Construction that covers the date of 9/01/2023. Andrea McCormick/Excel Energy Inc. January 10, 2024
Chemical or petroleum spills. Storage tank closure reports/site assessments. Emergency responses related to hazardous waste. Inspection reports. Andrew Thigpen December 28, 2023
Electronic copy of bids received for RFP 2023-37P Engineering Services for Design of the 700 Block of Cooper Avenue. Deric Walter/Boundaries Unlimited December 28, 2023
August 10, 2023 Executive Session Recording Anthony Hershey December 19, 2023
Address: 413 22nd Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. I am requesting the complete building file including but not limited to all permits, inspections, certificates of occupancy, floor plans if available, and any & all documents pertaining to the property. Samantha Soucie/Sotherby's International Realty November 29, 2023
Property: Iron Mountain Hot Springs located at 202 & 281 Centennial Street (Parcels: R040222, R330471 & R084851). Information Requested: 1. Copies of any site plans; 2. Copies of any zoning variances; 3. Copies of any conditional or special use permits; 4. Copies of any certificates of occupancy; 5. If there are any open or outstanding zoning, building or fire code violations on file. Meaghan Flanagan/AEI Consultants November 21, 2023
Building Records related to City owned parcel 218527200003. Fire Department Records of response/violations (if any) for parcel 218527200003. Kathleen Knox/Colorado Department of Public Health November 15, 2023
Digital copy of application for Major Architectural/Site Plan review and related correspondence in reference to the proposed project known as 'The Benedict' to be located at 2700 Midland Avenue, including internal review memoranda and correspondence to/from the Department of Community Development, Planning & Zoning Commission, and/or City Council, City of Glenwood Springs. Mark Belanger/Dillin Corp November 7, 2023
Cite the denoal of the recording of the August 10, 2023 Executive Session under the Open Meeting Law. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent November 7, 2023
Tony Hershey affidavit and complaint for lawsuit against Glenwood Springs City Council involving August 10 Executive Session recording. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent November 2, 2023
Petitions that people have applied for pre-signatures and petitions that were completed with signatures from January 2019 to present.  Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent October 31, 2023
Response proposal for RFP 62-23 On Call Engineering Services dated August 4, 2023. Voneen Macklin/Northern Engineering October 26, 2023
Any contracts/agreements ceding CDOT right-of-way/ownership of land under the old/former Grand Ave Bridge in 2015-17 to the City of Glenwood Springs and then to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort located at 401 N Riven St. GWS for now existing parking lot South 6th St. North of I-70. Anthony Hershey October 3, 2023 Withdrawn after partial search came up empty
Housing Plan Update Survey Questions. Downtown Overlay Survey Questions. 2018 Vaction Rental Survey Questions. Linda Holloway September 25, 2023
All text messages from the city cell phone of previous City Manager, Beverli Marshall, from August 11, 2023. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent September 21, 2023
All documentation relating to any petition to amend the Glenwood Springs City Charter section 13.2 submitted in July 2023. All documentation (if any) relating to any petition to amend the Glenwood Springs City Charter section 13.2 submitted in August 2023. Gary Vick September 19, 2023
Beverli Marshall's City Manager weekly update emails to City Council members from July 3 to August 11, 2023. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent September 19, 2023
Current contract for janitorial services for Glenwood Springs Electrical. Mitzi Wallace/The Key People September 18, 2023
All text messages from the city cell phone of previous City Manager, Beverli Marshall, between the dates of August 3 to August 10, 2023. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent September 14, 2023
Minutes from October 1935 to September 1937 and Resolution 1963-5. Brittany Strautman September 12, 2023
Personnel records related to City Manager Beverli Marshall beginning administrative leave. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent September 12, 2023
RFP Bid# 318866- Blue Strike Environmental Proposal. CLEER Proposal. Lotus Engineering and Sustainability Proposal. Optony Inc. Proposal. Anser Advisory Proposal. Aptim Proposal. Julia Ercolani/SSG Coop September 11, 2023
Minutes/recording of Glenwood Springs City Council Meeting Executive Session held August 10, 2023, at approximately 6:00 pm. Anthony Hershey September 7, 2023 - Denied persuant C.R.S. Section 24-72-204(3)(a)(IV)
All electronic correspondence and communication from all employees and City Councilors including but not limited to a recording of the August 10, 2023 Executive Session of the Glenwood Springs City Council related to City Manager Beverli Marshall beginning Administrative Leave. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent August 31, 2023 - Only partially denied persuant C.R.S. Section 24-72-204(3)(a)(IV)
Any and all email messages between Senior City Staff and/or with and between City Council members about me (Anthony/Tony Hershey) between August 10, 2023 and August 16, 2023. Key search term Tony Hershey. Anthony Hershey August 31, 2023
Any environmental information associated with this address such as that pertinent to environmental health, specifically information on current or former underground storage tanks, grease trap permits, sandtrap or oil/water separator permits, building permits, hazardous waste documents, code enforcement violations, certificates of occupancy, and environmental reports if any. Ana Salamanca/Rone Engineering August 29, 2023
KRW Associates contracts/costs for the recent City Manager in which Ms. Beverli Marshall was, eventually hired, included any all-previous search from the time Ms Debra Figueroa resigned and had to be replaced on or about September of 2022. The employment contract for Ms. Beverli Marshall and any and all funds/payroll/benefits/costs that were paid to Ms. Marshall since her contract commenced on March 20, 2023, to the time she was terminated in August of 2023. Anthony Hershey August 28, 2023
Any and all email messages between City Council Members and/or with and between Senior City Staff about me (Anthony/Tony Hershey) since August 10, 2023. Key search terms: Anthony, Tony, and Hershey. Anthony Hershey August 22, 2023 - Withdrawn after responses found.
Any and all costs expended since September 2022 for the search for and cost of finding a new City Manager, following the departure of Debra Figueroa, and any all salary and other compensation paid to Ms. Marshall including severance pay during her entire term of employment. Anthony Hershey August 21, 2023- Be more specific in request
All training documentation, training videos, table & field layout documents related to the City's implementation of the LODGINGRevs (now GovOS) Short-Term Rental solution. Richard Mason August 21, 2023
City Council work session videos and/or audio recordings which occurred on 6/1/23, 6/15/23, 7/6/23, and 8/17/23. Tony Mendez/Balcomb & Green August 21, 2023
The City Manager employee contract for Beverli Marshall. Cassandra Ballard/Post Independent August 16, 2023
Any and all text messages between City Council Members concerning the administrative leave for City Manager Beverli Marshall on their cell phones that involve more than one council person per CORA.

Anthony Hershey August 16, 2023
Any and all emails between Senior City Staff concerning the administrative leave of City Manager Beverli Marshall. Anthony Hershey August 16, 2023
Any and all emails between City Council Members concerning the administrative leave of City Manager Beverli Marshall. Anthony Hershey August 16, 2023
Records of vacation of right of ways - all that you can find. Krystle Beattie August 10, 2023- Withdrawn after follow up for refinement.
Attorney review/report/approval (if any) of Ord 2023-05 in form adopted Edward Mulhall Jr. August 9, 2023
Please send all 2023 Residential and Commercial building permits from January to present. Dylan DeJulio/Alpine Lumber August 8, 2023
Building permit applications for 650 Flat Tops View Dr. Kirk Hilbelink/Conifer Environmental July 27, 2023
Building permit history for 110 Maple St. Kevin Cox/SPC Engineering July 24, 2023
BLD/Glenwood Land Holdings LLC Sudivision & Improvements Agreement (Glenwood Meadows Subdivision #7). Final Ordinance 2023-10 – Code Amendments to Title 070 – Residential development code – approved at July 6th , 2023 GS City Council Meeting. Resolution 2023-22 Meadows Lift Station Impact Fee - consent agenda July 6th, 2023 GS City Council Meeting

Audrey Ellis/Dunrene Management Inc. July 17, 2023
Any records reflecting each of the lawsuits filed in Colorado federal or state court from January 1, 2017 to June 1, 2023, that names as a defendant your agency and/or one or more officers employed by your agency. Any records reflecting the dispositions of each of the lawsuits identified in request #1, including
(a) the amount paid in any settlement or judgment and (b) financial contributions to any settlement or judgment made by any individual defendant named in each lawsuit. Any records reflecting the total number of sworn officers employed by your agency and the number of officers who a) retired; b) resigned; or c) were terminated in any or all calendar or fiscal years from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2023. Any records reflecting the terms of liability insurance coverage for your agency, including the cost of premiums and the deductible amount, in any or all calendar or fiscal years from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2023.

Joanna Schwartz/UCLA School of Law July 11, 2023
Solid Waste Contract & Proposal with Mountain Waste (2022-35P Pay As You Throw). Curtis Gardner July 11, 2023
Building permits issued to MM-Eight Construction since 2015.
Katherine Sommers/Garfield & Hecht July 6, 2023
Amount of funds paid to the Glenwood Post Independent for public notice publication during last fiscal year. Anthony Hershey July 5, 2023
All building permits associated with 2150 Devereux Road. Scott Glauberg/The Becker Organization June 29, 2023
Any records related to the planning and approval of the Spring Heights Townhouses development in or about 1979. Any records regarding public or private improvements of Hill Street. Any records regarding the City's obligation to maintain Hill Street. Any records regarding Hill Street's status as a public right-of-way. Andrew Atkins/Garfield & Hecht June 29, 2023 Withdrawn after responses found
Permitting history for 801 Grand Ave. Ren Telebrico/Buildzoom June 26, 2023
All records from the Glenwood Springs Fire Department relating to the Farmer's Market on 7th for June 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2022. Kira Case/Stuart D. Morse & Associates, LLC June 12, 2023