Outdoor Dining Space

 The City offers use of public outdoor spaces for expanded retail sales and outdoor dining.


The Outdoor Retail Sale Program Application 2020 can be found under Applications on the right.  After completion, email the application to hannah.klausman@cogs.us.    

Please click on the Outdoor Retail Sale Policy Application 2020 link to learn more.  The summary within this application contains information on the following:

  • Outdoor Retail Location
  • General Guidelines
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Parklets
  • Tents, Umbrellas, and Furnishings
  • Sanitation
  • Application and Lease Required
  • Review Process


This program is intended for all licensed retail food establishments (as defined by 6CCR 1010-2) and retail establishments that serve specialty foods and beverages (e.g. ice cream shops, coffee houses, bars/brew pubs). Mobile food vendors are not eligible for outdoor dining under this program. After application completion, email to emery.ellingson@cogs.us.    

PRESS RELEASE: State releases guidance for outdoor for outdoor structures and events

Please click on the Outdoor Dining Program Summary 2022 link to learn more.  The summary contains information on the following:   

  • Outdoor Dining Location
  • General Guidelines
  • Tables, Chairs, Umbrellas
  • Barriers
  • Serving Alcohol
  • Sanitation

If you to submit, please click on the Outdoor Dining Application Checklist 2022 link to review submission materials.  The summary within this application contains information on the following:   

  • Review Process
  • Temporary Modification of Liquor License Application (If you want to serve alcohol, you will be required to amend your liquor licenses)
  • Fees

Bethel Plaza

Under the Grand Avenue Bridge between 7th Street and the bridge abutment is a public space including tables and chairs. In this area, to-go alcohol consumption is permitted daily until 8 p.m.

View the Bethel Plaza Public Dining and To-Go Alcoholic Beverage Area Map (PDF).


Outdoor Dining in Glenwood Springs
Shopping at the Glenwood Springs Downtown Market