The primary duties of the Patrol Officer are to enforce and uphold the criminal and traffic laws of and for the City of Glenwood Springs and the State of Colorado. Unlike other police departments, Patrol Officers are not assigned to a specific task or area inside the city limits. Patrol Officers will respond to calls for service, enforce traffic laws, and utilize proactive policing methods throughout the entire city limits of Glenwood Springs.

Patrol Officers have several methods of performing their duties. Glenwood Springs Police Department uses traditional methods of law enforcement including vehicle, bicycle and foot patrol to perform regular proactive law enforcement duties, as well as assist with special events such as Strawberry Days.

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Bicycle Patrol

An officer performing bicycle patrol will find that there are several advantages to using the bicycle. The officer will be able to access areas that a patrol vehicle cannot, the officer will have more stealth and mobility during downtown patrol at night; and the officer will be more easily approached by the public.

Vehicle Patrol

Patrol Officers also have access to the department's unmarked police vehicles. These vehicles offer Patrol Officers the ability to enforce traffic laws, perform surveillance, patrol problem areas, as well as perform proactive law enforcement functions in a low profile manner.