6th Street

By advancing the community-driven 6th Street master plan, we can better activate our historic Main Street, strengthen the link between two major regional trails, encourage reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, foster sustainable economic development and resiliency for small businesses north of the river, and create a more welcoming space for all.

The 6th Street Corridor Complete Street Improvement project will convert the existing five vehicular travel lanes into a two-way Complete Street with two vehicle travel lanes, parallel parking lanes, 8-feet wide walkways, tree and landscaping areas, and an 8-feet wide, two-way separated bike lane. 

These improvements will reduce the rate of backing accidents by narrowing the vehicular roadway platform leading to more cautious driving speeds, as well as reconfiguring the diagonal parking to parallel parking, allowing drivers better sight distance while parking and backing. Pedestrian and bike safety is enhanced by widening and straightening walkways and creating dedicated bike lanes. The project also aims to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by generating mode shift from driving to walking and biking.

Timeline and Funding

The City continues to work closely with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) on construction drawings for the 6th Street Corridor Complete Street Improvement project. Project construction is anticipated to begin in 2023. 

The CDOT Revitalizing Main Streets grant will cover 65% of the estimated $1.8 million project cost. In addition to the CDOT Main Streets grant, the DDA will contribute $250,000 to advance the 6th Street Master Plan vision toward implementation. The remaining $383,000 will be funded through the City’s Acquisition & Improvements (A&I) Fund.

  1. Bryana Starbuck (she/her)

    Public Information Officer