Who does the PAYT program include?
  • All households within city limits should enroll. Services will be provided to residents that use individual, wheeled carts. Customers who do not select a service level will default to the medium trash with medium recycling option.
  • Mobile home parks and homeowner associations (HOAs) whose residents use individual accounts are included. 
    • Home Owners Associations (HOAs) and Property Managers, please contact us at 970-930-1411 for assistance on how best to enroll.
    • Associations with group contracts will have up to one year after program implementation (depending on existing contracts) to switch to the PAYT system.
    • HOA residents without a group contract for trash/recycling services should enroll now as individual households.
    • Associations with group water accounts may also enroll as a group PAYT account.
  • If your attached dwelling unit (ADU) currently has separate utility bills, it will also have separate trash and recycling service.
  • All short-term rentals in city limits are required to use the largest size option for trash and recycling.


  • Residents outside the city limits of Glenwood Springs 
  • Multi-family residences of eight units or more
  • Residential complexes that use a large shared dumpster to collect trash from multiple households
  • Businesses and commercial addresses

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