Who will be included in the PAYT program?
  • PAYT will only apply to single-family residences and multi-family residences less than 7 units. 
  • HOAs will have up to one year after program implementation (depending on existing contracts) to switch to the PAYT system. 
  • If your attached dwelling unit (ADU) currently has separate utility bills, it will also have separate trash service.
  • All short-term rentals in city limits are required to use the largest size option for trash and recycling.
  • This will not apply to businesses or multifamily residences greater than 7 units at this time.

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1. Who will be included in the PAYT program?
2. Why is PAYT being implemented now?
3. What is the anticipated timeline on this process?
4. What is the plan for carts?
5. Will I be able to choose my hauler?
6. What if I don’t want to recycle?
7. What if I don’t sign up for service?
8. What if I take my trash to the Recycle Center/landfill/other and don’t need service?
9. How will billing for the new system work?
10. What if I have a problem with my cart?
11. Can I still get food waste and yard waste collected?
12. What happens if I put trash in my recycling cart?
13. What if I have more trash than fits in my cart?